Pressure Casting Processes

Our molds are made from a permanent, reusable steel pattern. Cooling rates are tightly controlled to maximize the mechanical properties of aluminum that enters the bottom of the mold via pressure resulting from a vacuum placed at the top of the mold.

  • Pressure counter pressure casting (PCPC)
  • High pressure die casting (HPDC)
  • Vacuum riserless casting (VRC) and pressure riserless casting (PRC) for high mechanical properties

Aludyne’s pressure casting processes offer a variety of advantages to  quality, cost-effectiveness, and optimization of your product.

  • Reusable permanent mold
  • Multiple casting cavities (impressions) in each mold
  • Controlled mold filling rates
  • Closed system to contain molten aluminum
  • Cooling technology maximizes mechanical processes
  • Provides ability to accommodate complex casting designs
  • Provides ability to use complex cores for hollow casting
  • High mechanical properties
  • High casting yield
  • High quality

Other Casting Processes

In addition to our advanced pressure casting capabilities, Aludyne offers several additional casting processes to fit the unique needs and requirements of our customers.

  • Gravity die casting
  • Green sand casting
  • Ductile iron casting

Machined & Assembled Castings

With a diverse group of in-house machining services, we also offer fully machined and assembled castings in both aluminum and ductile iron, with a variety of additional benefits for your product and processes.

  • Integration of machining requirements and casting designs
  • Tight tolerance control (in microns)
  • Flexible machining cells
  • Automated machining processes
  • Decreased project lead times
  • Decreased cost and improve quality

Heat Treatment

We incorporate continuous and batch heat treatment processes for aluminum T6 heat treatment, which provides:

  • Fixtured part-racking systems to minimize distortion
  • Water of polyalkalene glycol quench medias
  • Continuous monitoring systems for time and temperature
  • Data acquisition system monitoring
  • Heat treat batch lot control
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