Material Testing Capabilities

Our material testing capabilities helpensure your product materials meet the requirements of the end application.

  • CFR governmental compliance for safety-critical parts
  • Operators holding level I and/or II certifications
  • Automatic defect recognition (ADR) systems
Resonant frequency inspection
Ultrasonic Inspection (Nodularity and defect recognition systems)
Fluorescent dye penetrant (Semi-automated system)
Magna-Flux® particle inspection
Eddy current inspection

Dimensional Testing

Our dimensional testing capabilities ensure machined components are geometrically accurate and compliant with design specifications.

  • CMM (coordinate measuring machine)
  • 3D Scanning

Aludyne offers component testing from 3 worldwide locations: Warren, MI (US), Ostrava, CZ Republic (EU) and Suzhou, China (Asia).

  • Multi-Axis Fatigue Testing
  • Strength Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Corrosion Chamber
  • Strain Gauge Capabilities
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